Top Father’s Day Gifts

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Every summer when Father’s Day rolls around, grown-up children everywhere are struggling to come up with ideas for the perfect present. Dads are notoriously hard to shop for, especially when they refuse to make a wish list. The following are a few suggestions for presents that will surprise and please him.

Tech Toys

Most men never outgrow a love for toys, and the higher tech the better. Consider a voice-controlled personal assistant, like the Echo, that will obey his every command. Or how about a phone charging case that cleans the screen while the battery charges? A dad who’s trying to get fit or stay fit might like a smart watch that tracks steps and activity.


Fine accessories never go out of style, and they are often among a man’s most treasured mementos. A pair of cuff links, a tie pin or clip, a high-quality ink pen, or even a piece of jewelry can be an excellent way to express appreciation for his love and support, while acknowledging his style and class.


The key to doing a good job is to use the right tool, and most tool lovers can never have enough. A fancy multi-tool pocket knife is fun and useful, and a new leather tool belt is great for odd jobs around the house. The backyard grill chef might enjoy a new set of barbecue tools to replace the old ones. Browsing a hardware store should provide plenty of inspiration.

Food And Drink

Women often receive baskets filled with fancy bath products or wine and chocolate. Fortunately for dads this year, baskets and hampers are becoming popular gifts for men as well. Consider filling a basket with his favorite whiskey or barbecue sauce. Wine, beer, chocolate, nuts, cheese, and sausage are other popular basket fillers that can make a delightful present.


Sometimes the best present isn’t an object but an experience. Instead of buying something to wrap up, why not take dad to a fine restaurant or plan an adventure, like a mountain hike or a helicopter ride or an escape room? The key is to find a memorable experience to enjoy together and remember for years to come.