Types of Women’s Shoes To Appear Maximum In Various Events

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In addition to clothing and handbags, shoes are a part of the fashion world that women love. Not only seen as footwear alone, the existence of shoes is now an important thing that can affect the appearance of everyone. No wonder so many people are willing to spend a lot of money just to buy a pair of shoes in a shopping mall or on an online site like https://www.bobobobo.com/en/page/women/shoes.

Along with the development of the times, fashion trends are also growing, and women’s shoes are now made of various types, models, shapes, and colors that turned out when viewed from function have different uses depending on the event or activity. Now you can certainly understand why a woman has a large collection of shoe models in her home.

Well, before you buy shoes, you should first identify the types of shoes to be no one to wear while attending important events. Curious what kind of women’s shoes are today’s trend? Let’s refer to the following reviews.

1. Sneakers
Historically, sneakers shoes first appeared in the 1800s in the Land of Uncle Sam, United States. The term “sneakers” itself arises because it refers to when someone is wearing these shoes, his steps being silent and as if it were slipping or in English called “sneak”.

The distinctive feature of this shoe is its flat shoe sole and is made of synthetic material and flexible rubber material, while at the top of the shoe is generally made of canvas fabric material. At first sneakers shoes are used only for sports only, but over the times, sneakers are now used in various kinds of casual events like hanging out with friends at the mall.

For you who have casual and sporty character, will definitely feel comfortable using this type of shoes.

2. Flat shoes

Flat shoes are the shoes that are considered the safest and healthier as a foot protector compared to all other types of women’s shoes. Wearing shoes of this type is guaranteed not to make your legs feel sore though used all day. Shoes that are similar to the design of this ballet shoes seem quite relaxed and semi-formal so perfect for you to use to a variety of events and leisure activities because it will be very comfortable when used.

If you look at its history, this type of shoes has a very long history because it has started since thousands of years ago when humans walk and the sole of his foot punctured sharp objects. From then on humans later created shoes as foot protectors.

Shoes of this type can be made in various types of materials and can be designed in such a way. For the sole, usually made of synthetic material or rubber that is anti-slippery. No wonder if these shoes you can wear when walking in the mall, recreation or go to the office or campus. Women who like flat shoes are usually women who have a simple personality and feminine who like casual style.

3. Boots

Deh, do you really like this type of shoe? Shoes that are identical to the character of this cowboy was originally used to protect the feet from water, mud, and snow because of the design of his shoes that can cover up to the ankles. Some types of boots can even cover up to the knees and thighs.

But as the development of the fashion world, this type of shoe began much favored by many women because the model and design are diverse and funny so it looks more stylish and can be used in various activities such as gathering with friends, a walk to be used to go to the office. Several types of high-heeled boots can even be used for formal events such as attending a party.